Vision, mission and values

With beliefs in social justice, Next Step will strive to make the world a place where every one has the right to build a future free from poverty, deprivation and inequality.

Next Step will endeavor to fulfill its mission statement 'to work with the poor, using their own skills and knowledge to suggest, render and develop sustainable solutions to poverty’. Based on its experience, the organization shall inform and influence national and continental debates on development whenever it finds an opportunity to do so.

With a commitment to support the most vulnerable in the society to achieve their full potential, Next Step sees empowerment of the communities it works with central to its approach. Building on local knowledge by working in partnership with local communities, Next Step aims to be efficient and accountable in supporting the delivery of high quality programmes. It is committed to learning from its own experience and facilitating by learning of others.

Objectives and scopes

Furtherance of concept/ ideas of social development being the core function the Next Step would conceptualize various changing dimension of social development in context of its viability based on location and target community. The ideas for bringing out social development would have to be cultivated and put for practicing with support of community and other agencies.





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